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Reflections on the 2015 Season

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Well, the portents for the 2015 season were ominous when a certain centre back was the first player signed and the expected signings from the manager’s previous club did not materialise, and the season limped on and whatever luck we had it ran out after about 4 games and on and on it went, pathetic it was until suddenly he upped and left after realizing he could do nothing with the players he signed and the poisoned chalice was passed to Boyler and Mark and they could do feck all with the situation, the final humiliation was the trouncing by the town and some of the rats on the sinking ship started blaming each other and on it went and it was not a season to remember and november came as a blessed release…………

Reflections on the 2014 Season

Season 2014 in some ways wasn’t even as good as a Curates egg. With the glorious Cooke era at an end Robbie took charge and started off like a train hammering four goals part the eventual league winners Dundalk in our first home match. Making Gavin captain proved to be a miscalculation, but it was made for the best of reasons.


As the season progressed, we proved inconsistent all over the shop, not helped by a long term injury to Miceal Schlingerman and by mid-summer things had gone from bad to worse and following heavy defeats to Pats and (of all teams) Athlone, Robbie stepped down to be temporarily replaced by Drogs’ favourite Darius Kierans.

Darius & Neale
Darius & Neale

As Darius did not have the required Pro Licence, it could only be a temporary appointment, until a permanent replacement was found. Together with Neale Fenn, Darius literally picked the team up off the floor and gave them their confidence back and over a few weeks, we literally saw a different team on the pitch, full of confidence and good football. Eventually Damien Richardson was appointed until the end of the season and although he talked a good game, it was hard to see what difference Rico made as our good Darius-era fizzled out by the end of the season.

One particularly heart-warming story during the season was Gary O’Neill’s fight and victory over the big C.


It was truly wonderful to see the esteem that such a great player is held in by everybody in Irish Football , and he fittingly won the Irish Soccer Writers award in March . We wish Gary all the best for the future.

It was farewell also to Fabio, who left the Club at the end of the Season. There is no more to be said about this wonderful player except to say that the reel which has been written in his honour is a very nice tune.


A good start…….

DK_maloneThe portents before last Friday’s at United park were not good – a blustery night and a very strong Dundalk team hoping to make amends for their Cup Semi defeat last season. Thankfully United Park (no more hunky please) was a buttimer-free zone and the game was played in good spirits throughout, sensibly refereed by Paul McLaughlin.

Without a great deal of fanfare, Robbie has been quietly assembling his Senior Squad and dealing with other off-field issues, and for the first time in a long number of seasons , the Drogs fielded 9 of last year’s squad with newcomers Daire Doyle and Paul Andrews in midfield and central defence respectively.

The Drogs gave a remarkable performance throughout, with Andrews returning to the Club after a number of years away and slotting beside McNally with great presence on the filed. Two of last year’s squad , Eric Foley and Dotsy, who were ‘not fancied’ by last year’s man gave great performances. But it was mostly a great team performance by the Drogs so irresistable that Dundalk emptied a very strong bench in the second half to almost no avail.

The Drogs took the lead after 20 minutes when Gavin Brennan slipped thriough a static Dundalk defence and we had chances to increase our lead in the second half but he visitors scraped a 93rd minute equaliser to send the game to pennos. It was fitting that Micheal made to crucial save to give us the Cup and it was great to see Eric Foley deservedly take the trophy.

Team : Schlingerman, Daly, Grimes, Andrews, McNally, Doyle, Foley, Brady, O’Neill, Brennan, O’Brien. Subs Crowley, Hughes, Mccann, McGuigan, Walshe, McCann, Connolly.

Reflections on 2013 Season

Cup Final1

The 2013 Season promised much and, in the end, produced feck all as far as the Drogs were concerned. With the team ‘strengthened’ in the close season, an improvement on our 2012 Season appeared to be on the cards, but in football, as in life, the best laid plans often have a way of not working out in sometimes perverse ways. The new signings failed to produce the impetus to keep us ahead of most teams in the league.

The real truth is that we over-achieved in 2012 and for various reasons, including mismanagement, in general we ended up in the position we deserved in the league table, safe from relegation, but not by much.

As our mediocre league form saw us draw or lose far too many matches, we took the opportunity to reserve our worst form for the Setanta and EA Cup Finals and it can be said that it was only on the last match of the season, the Cup Final with Sligo, that we produced anything like our best form.

final 2

But, as is the way in football, we lost to the odd goal and that was that. There’s no point even talking about Sligo’s winning goal, or Gavin’s non-goal bacause no man or beast can change a referee’s decision once it is made. And speaking of referees’ decisions, as a fifetime Drogs man, I felt the referee’s performance in the semi-final was a disgrace to football.

Midway through the season, we had all the background shit between the manager and some of his players and the board and I for one couldn’t wait for the end of the season to come and to givwe us a clean sheet of paper to start with in 2014 and there is no doubt the Robbie IS the man for us.

Robbie H

In his own quiet way Robbie is assembling a good team around him and we wish him luck for the new Season.

Malmo Reflection

Mick & fans

Well, well, well, …so much for the power and prestige of the Scottish Premier League. The plain facts of the matter is that the pathetic performance of Hibs last night puts it all into perspective. On reflection the Mighty  Drogs’ narrow away defeat in the Second Leg was a great performance by our lads and possibly the best performance of Irish League Clubs in Europe this Season.

A moral victory

Drogs malmo

The Drogs fought out a tough 0-0 draw against (on paper) superior opposition at tallaght last night in a performance reminiscent of some of our great matched at Dalier a few years ago.  Contrary to some peoples’ expectations, we played the back 5 which started against Cork last Monday. And they were the foundation for a great display. As Mick acknowledged after the mattch, it was the first time he had McNally and Derek fully fit and the hit-and-miss form of the last two months was forgotten as we really took the game to our highly regarded opponents. The atmosphere at tallaght was second to none and the match proved a great spectacle Drogs fans and neutrals alike.

In what proved to be a exercise in disciplined play, Gav at left back proved a revelation and Alan Byrne , sitting in front of the back 4 worked tirelkessly and made crucial tackles all night. Hynesey and Gary did great work up front and certainly kept their back four busy.Casso played as well as he talked at the press conference.  We might have sneaked a goal, but in the end we travel confidently to Malmo next week and with any luck we will come away with something.

I’ll see yiz below at the airport a’Wednesda.

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Well, here we are, with the important issues of the day to be discussed on an almost regular basis. Startin’ with last Friday above in Dalyier.. not an entirely welcoming venue for the mighty Drogs over the last few years , but this time we stuck at it right from the kick off and it was great to see Quigley getting the opener after only 4 minutes with a good goal. He has been unlucky with injuries this season and took his chance well. Another player who deserves plenty of credit is Philly Hand, who has come into the team recently after warming the bench for almost half the season and yet comes up with a great performances when required. It has been a curious season so far for the Drogs with a number of unexpected losses and unexplicable defending at times, those 3-2 losses, but as Tommy useta say ‘ that’s fupall’.  So, the Drogs gave us a great start and the best other result  for me over the weekend was the Clare hurlers’ win over’s the Davie Fitz factor.. I think, a first championship win in 8 years. I’m sure Joe was in some way below in Thurles for the occasion, he would have gone the usual route…park car at the El Molino, bus to Busaras, luas to Kingsbridge and train to Thurles and a bit of dinner in a nice bar before the match.

Annyway, I’ve been really busy since last Sunda week, up at 9.30 sharp every mornin and get stuck into Roland Garros on ITV 4. This year, as ever, the standard of tennis has been great, and an added bonus this year has been Murray’s injury , which has stopped the Brits droning on and on about him. Tennis on clay is in my view the true test of a player, there’s nothin’ like seein’ two players givin’ it Tullyallen from each end of the court and 30 shot rallies. Tsonga fairly demolished Roger in 3 straight sets today and I’m sure the great man will start sliding down the rankings now after many years at the top… don’t like his logo though…….its a bit gay to me… As I sit here now, with Federer out, the bottom half of the draw looks lopsided. In the top half Djokovick will probably beat Nadal and hopefully meet Tsonga in the final a’Sunda.

The Drogs, of course will be travellin’ abroad for the Europa League this year following last season’s great performances. Those of us who have been on European trips with the Drogs before will be lookin’ forward to some good football and a few jugs in foreign climes below in the town square before the match and havin’ more jugs after the match…and… me memory’s a bit unclear, but I remember Paddy Martin singin’ in the grotto in San marino…..the rest is a bit hazy…. the match in Kiev….more of the same please.