Reflections on the 2015 Season

A Kiss Before the Women’s Football Game, 1920 (1) korea-mourners_2088888c

Well, the portents for the 2015 season were ominous when a certain centre back was the first player signed and the expected signings from the manager’s previous club did not materialise, and the season limped on and whatever luck we had it ran out after about 4 games and on and on it went, pathetic it was until suddenly he upped and left after realizing he could do nothing with the players he signed and the poisoned chalice was passed to Boyler and Mark and they could do feck all with the situation, the final humiliation was the trouncing by the town and some of the rats on the sinking ship started blaming each other and on it went and it was not a season to remember and november came as a blessed release…………

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