Reflections on 2013 Season

Cup Final1

The 2013 Season promised much and, in the end, produced feck all as far as the Drogs were concerned. With the team ‘strengthened’ in the close season, an improvement on our 2012 Season appeared to be on the cards, but in football, as in life, the best laid plans often have a way of not working out in sometimes perverse ways. The new signings failed to produce the impetus to keep us ahead of most teams in the league.

The real truth is that we over-achieved in 2012 and for various reasons, including mismanagement, in general we ended up in the position we deserved in the league table, safe from relegation, but not by much.

As our mediocre league form saw us draw or lose far too many matches, we took the opportunity to reserve our worst form for the Setanta and EA Cup Finals and it can be said that it was only on the last match of the season, the Cup Final with Sligo, that we produced anything like our best form.

final 2

But, as is the way in football, we lost to the odd goal and that was that. There’s no point even talking about Sligo’s winning goal, or Gavin’s non-goal bacause no man or beast can change a referee’s decision once it is made. And speaking of referees’ decisions, as a fifetime Drogs man, I felt the referee’s performance in the semi-final was a disgrace to football.

Midway through the season, we had all the background shit between the manager and some of his players and the board and I for one couldn’t wait for the end of the season to come and to givwe us a clean sheet of paper to start with in 2014 and there is no doubt the Robbie IS the man for us.

Robbie H

In his own quiet way Robbie is assembling a good team around him and we wish him luck for the new Season.

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