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Well, here we are, with the important issues of the day to be discussed on an almost regular basis. Startin’ with last Friday above in Dalyier.. not an entirely welcoming venue for the mighty Drogs over the last few years , but this time we stuck at it right from the kick off and it was great to see Quigley getting the opener after only 4 minutes with a good goal. He has been unlucky with injuries this season and took his chance well. Another player who deserves plenty of credit is Philly Hand, who has come into the team recently after warming the bench for almost half the season and yet comes up with a great performances when required. It has been a curious season so far for the Drogs with a number of unexpected losses and unexplicable defending at times, those 3-2 losses, but as Tommy useta say ‘ that’s fupall’.  So, the Drogs gave us a great start and the best other result  for me over the weekend was the Clare hurlers’ win over Waterford..it’s the Davie Fitz factor.. I think, a first championship win in 8 years. I’m sure Joe was in some way below in Thurles for the occasion, he would have gone the usual route…park car at the El Molino, bus to Busaras, luas to Kingsbridge and train to Thurles and a bit of dinner in a nice bar before the match.

Annyway, I’ve been really busy since last Sunda week, up at 9.30 sharp every mornin and get stuck into Roland Garros on ITV 4. This year, as ever, the standard of tennis has been great, and an added bonus this year has been Murray’s injury , which has stopped the Brits droning on and on about him. Tennis on clay is in my view the true test of a player, there’s nothin’ like seein’ two players givin’ it Tullyallen from each end of the court and 30 shot rallies. Tsonga fairly demolished Roger in 3 straight sets today and I’m sure the great man will start sliding down the rankings now after many years at the top… don’t like his logo though…….its a bit gay to me… As I sit here now, with Federer out, the bottom half of the draw looks lopsided. In the top half Djokovick will probably beat Nadal and hopefully meet Tsonga in the final a’Sunda.

The Drogs, of course will be travellin’ abroad for the Europa League this year following last season’s great performances. Those of us who have been on European trips with the Drogs before will be lookin’ forward to some good football and a few jugs in foreign climes below in the town square before the match and havin’ more jugs after the match…and… me memory’s a bit unclear, but I remember Paddy Martin singin’ in the grotto in San marino…..the rest is a bit hazy…. the match in Kiev….more of the same please.

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